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Welcome to Navnirman Samajvikas Kendra

Navnirman Samaj Vikas Kendra was established in 1996 by Mr. Shridhar Kshirsagar with the aim of bringing the marginalized/underprivileged strata of the society to the mainstream through our comprehensive projects which addresses issues relating to health, income generation & overall development.

We are intensively working in 5 major areas- Child rights and protection, Tuberculosis control, Prevention of substance abuse, Economic development & Empowerment of the marginalized communities.

Our unique strength has been in initiating need-based community projects and a complete hand-over of ownership of running these projects to the community itself. Our work has directly touched upon the poverty alleviation, enforcing importance of education, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health and combating of diseases (tuberculosis) goals under the Millennium Development Goals set forth by the United Nations. Specifically, these are MDG goals 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6.




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