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Fight Againt TB

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Fight Againt TB

In July 2013, Satish Wakale, a resident of Ambujwadi in Malawi Malad (West) experienced sudden fever and weakness. Satish being educated and working in a company, went to see family doctor who then recommended him to a BMC hospital in Shatabdi. In the process, Satish was diagnosed with TB and went through a lot of trouble and stigma within his community. Neighbors and relatives advised him to visit tantrik babas for curing his illness through superstitions and other orthodox practice.

In the midst of all this, Satish went to a private doctor and started treatment with basic antibiotic medicines. However, Satish’s condition did not improve, he left his job and was on bed rest for 2 months. Then one fine day, Akshay, a NSVK social worker visited Satish’s home for some reason. After seeing him, Akshay advised him to visit BMC hospital. Next day, Satish with his father went to municipal hospital where he got diagnosed with Tuberculosis (pulmonary). The diagnosis really disheartened and he just could not stop crying. He went to malwani’s public health center where they started with directly observed treatment (DOTS) medicines. The social worker from NSVK also made a home visit to Satish’s place to counsel him on the importance to nutrition and balanced life, if he wanted to get better.

After six months of taking medicine meticulously, Satish recovered. Satish gained 15 kgs, doctors declared him TB free because of his determination to fight against the odds. Now Satish has joined NSVK as a volunteer worker at the DOTS center. He feels nobody in the world deserves to end up with TB and that even if they do get it, they should not lose hope and they should fight against all odds to succeed. He is working with TB patients to help them overcome this illness as he did.