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Education Project

The literacy ratio was found to be very low in Malwani. Due to continuous temporary and permanent migration, ignorance about the merits of education and high dropout rate because of poverty, majority of population in Malwani remained deprived of basic education.

Art and Craft Workshop [S. M. Creative]

In 1996, NSVK started an Art and Craft workshop to help needy women from the community. Women with a flare for craft got daily wages through this platform. The products were exported to Switzerland.

(MSM-TG)TI Project

Transgender community in India has been existing on the outskirts of the society. Shunned by the people, it has become the object of ridicule, mockery and exploitation. They have no access to basic facilities and are discriminated in every possible sphere of life.

Migrant Total Intervention Project

The Migrant Total Intervention Project was launched in December, 2008 in Malwani area of Malad (We Mumbai is a city of opportunities .Everyday, thousands of people pour into Mumbai from all over India in search of better opportunities and better living.

Health Mutual Fund Project

In this project we have provided health insurance and other health care facilities to slum population which does not have protection of mainstream healthcare insurance sector.