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Why Support NSVK?

Contribute in creating society

Why Support NSVK?

  • Community Based Organization
    • NSVK function more as a Community Based Organization which was established by the community people and at present its whole staff and community workers hails from the community itself.

  • Transparency, Accountability and Honesty
    • Transparency, Accountability and Honesty are the pillars on which Navnirman Samaj Vikas Kendra is founded.

  • Need Based Approach
    • Need Based Approach is the delivery model used to design interventions needed by the community to raise their socio-economic status. We never impose our own programs and services on the community which are not recognized and well-received by them.

  • Holistic Approach
    • Holistic Approach for development is reflected through our programs and projects where interventions range from financial management to family care to health care to psycho-social care.

  • Learning from Experimenting
    • Navnirman Samaj Vikas Kendra has been growing as an organization owing to Learning from Experimenting. We have experimented and incorporated learnings in all aspects of our system, processes, delivery mechanism and approach.

  • Entire resources to be used for the community
    • Not owning property, office in the community, no accumulation of wealth, entire resources to be used for the community.