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Art and Craft Workshop [S. M. Creative]

In 1996, NSVK started an Art and Craft workshop to help needy women from the community. Women with a flare for craft got daily wages through this platform. The products were exported to Switzerland. Gradually, the workshop was also handed over to a capable woman from the community - Ms.Sanjida Malik Today, it is a thriving business, providing support to a large number of women from the community. S.M. Creations, as it is known, also trains women from the community in stitching and craft. Part of the profits are used to train 40 women in a year for a six month course in sewing and stitching. A survey is done to identify really needy women from the community. This class is also used as a common platform to train them in various issues such as health, sanitation, gender equality, education and self sustenance etc. Ms. Sanjida is awarded the prestigious Citigroup Fair Trade Award 2004,in the hands of honorable Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram.