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Migrant Total Intervention Project

The Migrant Total Intervention Project was launched in December, 2008 in Malwani area of Malad (We Mumbai is a city of opportunities .Everyday, thousands of people pour into Mumbai from all over India in search of better opportunities and better living. Most often, these migrants leave behind their families in their native places .For years on end, they live in crowded shanties, devoid of the basic hygiene and civic facilities. Many of them work in tiny units as unskilled or skilled laborers and also live there.

This migrant population is considered as a bridge group for HIV Aids .Due to lack of knowledge of safe sex practices, these migrant workers are posing to be a constant source of concern for Health authorities tackling the menace of HIV-AIDs and sexually transmitted Infections (STIs).

To tackle this problem in an all encompassing manner, Maharashtra District Aids Control Society (MDACS), the representative body of Central Government has roped in some select nongovernmental organizations and has started tackling this grave issue on a war footing by launching the “Migrant Total Intervention Project”. We have covered all area & target in the area & now phase out the project.