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Education Project

The literacy ratio was found to be very low in Malwani. Due to continuous temporary and permanent migration, ignorance about the merits of education and high dropout rate because of poverty, majority of population in Malwani remained deprived of basic education.

NSVK started its Education Project in Malwani area in 1996.We started a five fold programme as under:

  • Balwadis
  • Drop out prevention classes
  • Development classes
  • Non formal education classes
  • Adult education classes

As already planned, over a span of 7 years, we helped the community to get involved with the project, trained the teachers from the community itself and handed over the entire functioning of the project to them in a stepwise manner. In 2004, the Education project started by NSVK became totally self sustained. The funds required for the operations were provided by NSVK on a one time basis. Presently, around 200 students are being benefited by this project.