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(MSM-TG)TI Project

Transgender community in India has been existing on the outskirts of the society. Shunned by the people, it has become the object of ridicule, mockery and exploitation. They have no access to basic facilities and are discriminated in every possible sphere of life. They are not included in any government documentation as the Maharashtra Govt.has not made provision for the third gender in any of its documents. As a consequence, the transgender community is unable to procure simple basic documents such as ration card; pan card etc.and cannot even open a bank account.

According to 2006 census, Malwani alone houses around 1800 members of the Transgender community. Majority of them live in poverty and have turned to flesh trade to earn their living. Due to illiteracy and poverty, these people exhibit high risk behavior making them vulnerable to AIDS and STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

Navnirman has undertaken Aastha Project in 2006 with the prime objective of Building up capacities of the transgender community to govern itself. We have worked with them & now handed over project to them.